Woodston Camp

Woodston is a wonderful family camp with “old time” Pentecostal evening services. If you would like to camp out on the grounds please contact their Facebook group or email them at lorimackinney@gmail.com

As a church, we will car pool up to the evening and Saturday services!


May 31 – June 3

8:30-9:30 – Breakfast
10:00-11:30 – Adult Bible Study & Youth/Children’s Ministries
12:00 – Lunch & Afternoon Activities
5:30 – Supper
5:45 – Leave Hays (Car Pool)
7:00 – Evening Service (Bob & Sondra Cave) & All Children’s Church
{Youth will be Evening Service/ No Snack Bar following services}

To stay on the camp grounds or for more information please check out their Facebook group or email them.

June 4

1:00 – Celebration Service
3:00 – Dinner on the grounds (RSVP Below for dinner)
3:15 – Leave Hays (Car Pool)
4:30 – Closing Service

RSVP’s must be in by May 30th at www.agkansas.com/celebration