Effective Prayer Part 3

“Jesus doesn’t give up on us in prayer… He accomplished everything on the cross… He won… yet He still intercedes for us in heaven… Effective prayer isn’t about volume or spit… though those things are not bad… effective prayer is about faith, finding His will and patently persisting until the answer comes…”

“God doesn’t hear us because we annoy Him, but because we’re faithful in prayer…”

“Ask… Seek… Knock…” We must ask patently but persistently seek God in prayer, and He will give you His answer… This isn’t begging or a lack of faith that He didn’t hear you the first time, it’s simply as the need raises in our mind and spirit we pray…”

“It’s easy to stand when everyone’s cheering for you, but it’s a powerful witness to an unbelieving world when they see a believer navigate trial is a godly way… as we do this (Hebrews 11:38) “of whom the world was not worthy “ becomes true of us…”

“Our prayer life must not be a sprint; it’s to be a marathon… So how about it? “will he find faith on earth” in us to persist in prayer?”


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