How do you eat an Elephant?

“How do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time!

Many times when I, or other pastors, talk about reaching our world for Christ, that idea becomes the elephant!

The first thing we see is that that physical world is under the complete authority of Jesus!

“Peace, Be still…” the very voice that spoke the waters and wind into existence was the one that calmed them…

Our God is greater than anything in this physical world! This truth should give us great reverence for God, and great courage in following His voice…

The second thing we see is that the spiritual world is under the complete authority of Jesus!

God is communicating to us His authority over the spiritual world… and who is it exercised for; A great king… A wise scholar… A leading member of society… NO! A naked, crazy, demon possessed man living in tombs…

Jesus wasn’t rejecting and toying with the former demoniac, He was commissioning him for service!

This former demon possessed man had a day’s worth of experience with Jesus, and was able to prepare the entire region for Jesus’ return!

Hays is our Jerusalem, this is our elephant… one bit at a time!”


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