Effective Prayer Part 2

“Praying in “the name of Jesus” is praying in the authority and approval of the name you’re using… It’s praying with an awareness of who God is and His desires… this is a place in prayer that cannot be consistently lived in if our prayer life consists of meals and Sunday mornings only…”

“Where do you find the will of God? How can you know God intimately enough to truly pray in His name? Only in the life of consistent pray do we find this place… and favor…”

“I personally can no longer be content in my kiddy pool of God’s presence, I need to find those oceans of grace, those deep waters of faith to live in the fullness of what He’s calling me to… we cannot stay here any longer as a body of believers and make it… we cannot circle this mountain one more time… we must get to our knees in pray and with zeal call out to God… Revive us! Awaken this community for Christ! We Need You… our simple prayer should be, “God I Need You!””


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