Proclaim Part 1

“If we’re in Christ we have power in Him and relationship with Him, the most important thing we can ever do is to share and live the message of Christ…

Never allow rejection to stop you from ministering to those that will receive…

“I beheld Satan – That is, when you went forth, I saw the kingdom of Satan, which was highly exalted, swiftly and suddenly cast down.”

So let us not miss the urgency of the moment, and let us make that way straight for Christ in the lives of others, by going with someone, and joining fellow believers to find “Houses of Peace” that will receive Christ, and to those that will not receive trusting God’s sovereignty in their lives to win them over just like Jesus’ brothers… and as we do this through Christ tearing down the strong holds of Satan never losing focus on the anchor and point of ministry… Christ!

“For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord.””


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