We Win (More than Conquerors)

“God’s desire for us is the “overcoming believer”…

His desire is not; dragging myself a-crossed the finish line Christian… holding on until the rapture believer… skin of my teeth saint…

“to be an overcomer, you have to have something to overcome.”

Get up, and get your eye’s down field… We cannot allow the enemy to get us so distracted with the trials of life that we miss the bigger picture of God’s purposes in our lives…

Everyday there is a battle for the soul of this church, and who is the church… We are the Church?

The enemy would desire to come in and cause discord, error and apathy… and we can destroy these strongholds only by using weapons infused with “divine power…”

Positive thinking and belief in a lie will only leave you disillusioned and betrayed… it must have the backing of truth…

Biblically positive thoughts trust that God is who He says He is… and will do what He says He will do… and trust in His sovereignty “even unto death”

“You’re either coming out of a tough season, in the middle of a tough season, or heading into a tough season…”

So we as believers have a choice; we can try to keep our head down, avoid the uncomfortable, and just survive… or we can get our heads up, boldly step out in a world that desperately needs Christ, and walk into Heavens gates “conquering exceedingly”

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  1. Loren Groening says:

    Thank you for this much needed Word from God.


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